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The recorded history of Seychelles dates back to the 17th century. The islands were appropriated and settled by France in the 18th century. African slaves were brought to the island, and the characteristic Seychellois Creole language developed. Britain took possession of the islands in the early 19th century. The Seychelles became an independent republic in 1976 after two hundred years of European colonial rule. A socialist one-party state ruled the country from 1977 to 1993.

 Eagle Wings Vacations

Eagle Wings Vacations

All the 115 islands of Seychelles are divided in to two islands, inner and the outer islands. Blessed with a tropical climate throughout the year, Seychelles is an anytime visit place, one can reach this place by air and through sea. The nonstop scheduled flights of Air Seychelles are available every time from France, Italy, Mauritius, Singapore and South Africa. One can also reach the island cruising through ship. Previously, Seychelles was not a developed area but today it is regarded as one of the most developed area with high standards of living.

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The Seychelles Tourism Board is collaboration between the public and private sector. It tries their best to provide one of the best holidays in Seychelles to all the tourists and the vacationers who come here to spend their leisure time. Seychellois have a very rich culture. At all the social gatherings plenty of food and drinks are served to celebrate any particular occasion. The Creole cuisine mainly consists of fish, rice, meat, fruits and food crops.


When is the best time for a holiday in Seychelles?

This is a question We ask very often. And the answer really is an issue that has nothing to do with Seychelles at all. First, I must say, for a vacation in Seychelles there is no “best time” of year.

The peak season in Seychelles is December. This is the time visitors from Europe are fleeing their cold winters. But I believe for those people this is the absolute worst time to visit Seychelles


Things that one has to do when they visit Seychelles.

  • Go shopping
  • Taste the native cuisine
  • Mind that beer belly
  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Visit Seychelles’ beaches
  • Go to the Vallee De Mai
  • Go snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Go sail boating or yachting
  • Enjoy land sports
  • Go nature tripping

Eagle Wings Vacation Make a Trip to Florida

Florida is known for its vibrant fairs and festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. The Taste of South Florida, Downtown Festival and Art Show, Annual Indian Summer Festival, and Sarasota Medieval Fair are some of the most significant events that you can enjoy while holidaying in Florida. Florida gets maximum vacationers from Mid February to April.

Walt Disney’s dream of a premiere vacation destination for all ages grew out of acres of orange groves in central Florida. Disney World Florida has been delighting vacationers from all around the world. It literally welcomes billions of people from all over the world. Most families still tout it as the number one vacation destination and return again and again to experience the magic.

Florida definitely symbolizes the essence of theme parks. Make sure that the itinerary list of your family Florida vacation also includes a trip to Sea World, one of the city’s pioneering theme parks and which has been operating for more than three decades already. Universal Studios, Florida vacation complete if they take the time to visit world famous Universal Studios.

Florida is made up of 1700 small islands and many popular and happening beaches is the Florida Keys. This place offers variety of dining, shopping and other fun activities along with some awesome Beaches to enjoy your vacation. Key West and Key Largo are the 2 world popular beaches. The fabulous shopping centers and dining establishments of Florida need no introduction. Apart from malls and restaurants, there is an exuberant nightlife in Florida.

The walk trails and buggy rides at the Wilderness Reserves bring you face-to-face with over a 100 wildlife species that enthrall the young and old alike. There is a lot more to do but after such an exhilarating spin across the miles, all those lakes spread over the countryside will provide welcome tranquility.

Plan a Vacation to Florida on good weather condition. Florida has essentially two seasons: wet and dry. Winter, Florida’s dry season, is from November to April. Temperatures are lower, there’s less humidity and rain, and it’s the ideal time to hike, canoe and explore nature. Summer is the wet season: from May to October, it’s hot, sticky and rainstorms deluge many an afternoon. This is also the hurricane season, which peaks in September.

Florida is a perfect getaway for breaking the monotony of daily life. Relax, rejuvenate, and recharge yourself by staying at one of the Florida vacation rentals where not only can enjoy the warm hospitality but can also enjoy great time with your loved ones in complete privacy and tranquil environs. Eagle Wings Vacations Private Limited, an Affiliate to RCI is one of the leaders in family clubbing in today’s disintegrating society an­­­­­­­­­­d create a cohesive force in relationship between man and men; man and nature and man and his environs embedded in current realities and inherit by legacy to the generation next.

Catch some fun, with Eagle Wings Vacations Pvt Ltd.